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Rhythms of Home

For artisans, WFH - work from home - is not a new term! That's how they have been practising their craft from the time they started learning the weaving technique from their mothers or aunts. Home becomes a central base from which to explore their entrepreneurial desires, indulge in a hobby, unleash their creativity, and hone their skills. 


Home is also the space where household responsibilities, childcare duties and the demands of family members comes together. They embrace the rhythms and limitations of village life and don't always have access to the freedoms and privileges of urban life.

Design & Dexterity

We rely on their expertise and experience to co-create the bags. It's a collaborative process every step of the way! We live on the same streets as our women artisans, in Eruvadi, a tiny village in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Some of our family members are also contributors and participants of this initiative.

Craftsmanship, embroidery, knitting, stitching, tailoring, and weaving has been a part of our daily rhythms for generations. Women in our community managed to keep alive this craft despite the challenges of homecare and responsibilities, marriage & childcare, migration, financial instability, lack of resources that mark life in the village.

Our collective creativity, history, passion, and pride survive in the stitches, weaves, patterns, and knots created across centuries.

Labour of Love

The artisans use innovative 'knots' that lend the bags, accessories and lifestyle products their unique structure and design. You will see knots as varied as the dainty cross knot, the delightful star knot, the utterly exquisite gooseberry, the complex Shiva's eye, and the incredibly unique biscuit knot across our product range.

Depending on the complexity of the knots, the dimensions of the bag and the colours used in the weaves, our artisans devote anywhere from 20 hours to 60 hours in a month to weave a bag.

Weaving can be a collaborative exercise between two artisans, working together in the afternoons when the kids are in school or asleep, or a solo activity picked up intermittently through the day as time allows. It can be a meditative exercise when the artisans get the time to spend hours together in making the knots and building the weave.


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