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How can I place an order for a tote bag?

Browse through our capsule collection and select the accessory you love. Pick the bag size and add to cart. At the checkout page, add your name, contact details and shipping address. A GST charge of 18% will be applicable on each order. 

To customize your order, get in touch with us via email on Mention the name of the bag in the subject line and add your contact details in the email. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You have the option to customize the size, colour, knot, and handle design of your tote bag.


What do you mean by customization?

Our tote bags and accessories are made to order as per your requirements. This means, right from the colours and weave patterns, to the size of the product can be selected. Since the bags are made to order, the artisans will begin weaving them only after order confirmation.  

What customizations do you offer?

You can choose the bag size (length, breadth, bottom width), knots to weave the bag (see our Crafts page to learn about the various knots), the bag colour (single, double, triple colours), the handle length and pattern, and even the clasp that closes the bag.  

Will my product look exactly like the photos on your website?

Based on your request for customization, the finished product will look different from the product photographs on the website. There will be colour, pattern and finish variations since the products are handwoven. We hope you celebrate these variations and value the labour of love that went into making your accessory. This is why we love our product: no two bags or accessories are the same.


We don't offer returns or exchange once the product is delivered. In some cases, the product can be repaired. For example, if the handle or clasp of the bag is torn, it can be woven again. Email us with your order details and we will work towards a solution. 

Returning a handmade product defeats the very purpose of slow fashion: to reduce frequent deliveries, returns and exchanges, all these are hallmarks of fast fashion brands and impact the planet negatively.

We request you to be mindful about the purchase you make and use the product for the duration of its shelf life (anywhere between 10 to 30 years depending on how you use our products).


If the product is damaged during shipping, we are happy to issue you a full refund. This means that the handle or clasp may have torn beyond repair, or the bag has been damaged to a point that it isn't functional anymore.  

You still get to keep the original product and we hope you will consider upcycling it and find creative uses for it. Long live the circular economy!

For refund requests, please reach out to us within 10 days of receiving your shipment. Email: and in the subject line mention: Request for refund + Order ID. Send us photos and/or a video of the product so we can understand the damage.

We will issue a full refund within 20 business days of receiving the email (Monday to Friday).

Refunds won't be issued for the following reasons:

  • If the quality issue or damage is simply a variation in colour, pattern style or uneven weaving

  • Incorrect delivery address 

  • After 3 failed delivery attempts by the courier

  • Package refused by recipient


How do we make payments?

You can make a bank transfer to our bank account or pay via G-Pay, PhonePe and RazorPay. 

Do you offer cash on delivery?

We don't accept cash on delivery. It's faster, safer and convenient to make payments online.

What's the price of each product?

The price is mentioned on each product page and is based on the size of the bag and the knot pattern. You won't be charged additional for any customizations. Shipping is free!


Shipping cost and delivery partner

Shipping across India is free. We use India Post for delivery within India. 

Do you ship outside India?

Yes! We use FedEx and DHL for shipping to any country outside India. Shipping cost will be calculated as per the weight of the product after it's packaged in a cardboard carton. Email us to find out the cost of shipping to your country. E:

How will I know when my order is ready for shipping?

Once you place an order and make the payment, we will send you an order confirmation email with the details of the product and estimated delivery time. 

What is the delivery timeline?

It takes 2-3 weeks for a bag or accessory to be handwoven and another 1 week to 10 days for shipping across India.  

Can we have faster deliveries?

Since all our products are handwoven and customized, they are not readily available in our workshop. Sustainable fashion production means we don't support faster deliveries as that puts additional pressure on our artisans to work as per fast fashion systems. 

Will I be informed of delays?

Yes, absolutely. If there are delays due to the customizations you selected, we will keep you posted via email.


What is the shipping cost?

Shipping across India is free.


Which shipping option do you use?

India Post. 

Do you ship outside India?

Yes! Shipping cost will be calculated as per the weight of the product after it's packaged in a cardboard carton. Do email us to find out the cost of shipping to your country. E:


Do you collaborate with other lifestyle and accessories brand?

Yes, would absolutely love to! If you are a sustainable and planet friendly fashion, accessories and home decor brand, please get in touch for collaboration ideas. E:


Can media, digital news and web publishing sites feature you?

We are grateful for your interest in our brand. Please reach out to us. E:

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