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Working Towards Sustainability

We want to create long-term impact for our people and planet. Knottted With Love is working towards imbibing the values of sustainable fashion in our brand ethos. We encourage our shoppers to buy mindfully and be responsible in using our products for their intended lifetime. Keeping in mind the cradle-to-cradle practice, we are exploring partnerships with artists and organizations that can help us upcycle and recycle our products.

What material do we use? 

Decades ago, artisans from the region worked with palm leaves and indigenous grass to handweave the baskets and bags. With technological innovation, plastic strips became a widespread, accessible and economical material for artisans. Now, plastic in itself is not the enemy. It's highly durable, flexible, sturdy, versatile, and functional. The kind of plastic we use makes all the difference in classifying it as sustainable or not.

Knottted With Love products are woven using HDPE strips. HDPE or High Density Polyethylene, or #2 plastics, is the most commonly and easily recycled plastic out there. HDPE plastic is very hard-wearing and does not break down under exposure to sunlight or extremes of heating or freezing. For this reason, HDPE is used to make picnic tables, plastic lumber, waste bins, park benches, bed liners, and other products which require durability and weather-resistance. Products made of HDPE are reusable and recyclable.

In order to ensure our business follows the tenets of circular economy, we are working towards sourcing recycled HDPE fibers so as to avoid the continued use of virgin plastic (made in factories using fossil fuels). 

Tenets of slow fashion

Slow fashion and sustainability means we need to take into account the lived realities of our artisans. This includes their socio-economic situation, their intermittent access to resources and raw materials, and be mindful of how the pandemic has affected their routines and priorities. Weaving  is an artistic labour and an expression of the artisan's creativity, passion, and heritage.

When you invest in a sustainably woven product, you contribute towards:

  • Economic welfare of artisans,

  • Ethical alternatives to fast fashion

  • Invigorating crafts practices and handmade traditions

We don't do seasons. We don't have different pieces for different times of the year, and we certainly aren't interested in the weekly collections or 'daily-drops' being released across the fashion industry. Seasons or other forms of entrenched 'refreshing' naturally result in over-production and waste.

Our pricing is based on labour, creativity and innovation; we have a highly skilled team, our goods are labour intensive and built to last. Our prices reflect the costs of running a homegrown, bootstrapped fashion brand.

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